Associate Dean, School of Education and Psychology



Job description

Alcorn State, MS

Minimum Qualifications
The successful candidate will have a terminal degree from a regionally accredited university in a field related to the School of Education and Psychology, in addition to experience as a program coordinator, department chair or other similar role with supervisory and/or leadership responsibilities. The successful candidate will also have the credentials commensurate, minimally, with the rank of Associate Professor.

Purpose of Job
To work with the Dean of the School, faculty and staff to foster collegiality and maintain the highest standards of teaching, learning, service, and scholarship.

Scope of Responsibilities
In collaboration with the Dean, department chairs, faculty and staff, and others across campus, the Associate Dean helps to coordinate or manage activities involving: services for students in the College; revisions of the College’s curricula; the design and operation of assessment procedures; and data bases for planning and decision-making in the College. The Associate Dean also plays a vital role in helping establishing/maintaining relationships with critical stakeholders, and taking a leadership role to maintain unit and program accreditations and state approvals. In addition, the Associate Dean serves as the Certification Officer for the School, a critical liaison to external agencies as assigned by the Dean; and, fosters close working relationships with campus, school and community partners.

Essential Job Functions
· Maintain accreditation standards, manage the Unit Assessment System, and submit related reports
· Coordinate processes and data analysis related to assessment
· Coordinate the successful processing of new program offerings in both undergraduate and graduate programs
· Maintain a collegial and collaborative working relationship with other academic departments and University administrative offices, as needed
· Serve on College committees, such as curriculum, assessment, etc., as well as on the executive committee
· Support the Dean to ensure that University, Mississippi Department of Education, and Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning (IHL) policies and procedures are followed
· Support the Dean in building and maintaining external relations with alumni and school and community partners
· Work closely with the Dean in other designated ways involving such management activities as course scheduling, reviewing curriculum proposals, recommending technology and facilities improvements, selecting graduate assistants, and strategic planning, as well as helping to foster a collegial and collaborative College community
· Enhance efforts focused on student recruitment, retention, and success
· Utilize and engage in needed professional development to employ organizational and collaborative skills to create, mentor, and lead interdisciplinary teams within the School, across campus, and with community partners for the assessment and improvement of our academic programs and students’ experiences
· Articulate effectively, orally and in writing, the goals and practices of our academic programs and student experiences to prospective and current Alcorn State University students, families, faculty and staff, local/regional/national education and community organizations, and external funding agencies
· Envision and develop innovative practices to meet the shifts and challenges in state and accreditation program reviews, academic programming on campus, and college student life.

Licensing and Certifications
The possession of current certifications and prior P-12 and university teaching is highly preferred but, not required.

Knowledge Skills and Abilities
· Experience as a tenure-track or tenured faculty member at a college or university, with a record of scholarship in a field related to the School.
· Knowledge of and willingness to learn more about the policies, procedures and practices of academic programs in the COE
· Interest and experience working closely with undergraduates and (to a lesser extent) graduate students to enhance their experiences at ASU and in the School.
· Knowledge of, interest in, and experience with the accreditation process, particularly CAEP, preferably as a program coordinator, department chair or associate dean
· Organizational and collaborative skills to create, mentor, and lead interdisciplinary teams within the School, across campus and with community partners for the assessment and improvement of our academic programs and students’ experiences

How to apply

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