Head of School of the Arts

Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

Job description

Salary Negotiable

The School of the Arts comprises 5 departments, Architecture, Communication and Media, English, Music and Philosophy. The Head of School will provide strategic direction and leadership for staff based within the School, ensuring the achievement of Strategic Priorities. The role will encompass a key strategic focus and influence in leading and driving School-wide activity. You will be expected to demonstrate academic leadership at both Faculty and University level by providing senior level contribution to Faculty and University projects and to the achievement of Strategic Objectives.

You will possess significant leadership experience, project management and people management skills at a strategic level; gained via successful performance in a similar role and/or via demonstrable achievements in a Professorial Leadership role. The ability to develop, implement and measure achievement of academic and business plans, including financial and budgetary control, along with a highly developed awareness of the national and international factors which impact on the University and how this affects strategy, policy and day-to-day business will be essential.

You will chair the School Management Team and will play an active role in the Faculty Management Team.

Job Ref: 007926/EG

Closing Date: 25 August 2017

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