Science Instructor



Job description

Majuro, Marshall Islands

The successful candidate will predominately teach among Anatomy, Physiology, Biology, Microbiology, and Chemistry. The candidate also has opportunities to develop and shape new courses and develop departmental initiatives in areas of expertise. The candidate should be able to advise students in science career pathways.

Essential Function 1: Teaching at least 15 credits per semester which typically include three science courses with weekly labs.
• Prepare course syllabi, provide assessment of course (summative and formative),prepare labs, organize field trips, create Moodle cell of assigned courses, and attend department meetings

Essential Function 2: Advising students during current students’ registration and registration periods
● Ensure students meet the pre-requisites, advice on the appropriate courses to take and pathway to follow, recruit students to the marine science certificate program.

Essential Function 3: Service to the college in areas of expertise.
● Review and make recommendations to the current program, work closely with other departments, and government ministries.

Essential Function 4: Participation in student learning outcome (SLO) assessment, STEM department program review, and on-going assessment and alignment of courses/programs and services.
● Review of course outlines, create/propose new courses.

Essential Function 5: Providing services to support the on-going expansion and advancement of the STEM Department, such as the development of new courses within areas of expertise.
● Provide initiative to expand STEM program.

How to apply

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