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July 23, 2012
Betsey Merkel
7025 Cedar Street
Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44022
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Re: Communications & Community Engagement for Economic and Business Development

To Whom It May Concern:

Please consider the attached materials for Communications & Community Engagement for Economic and Business Development related positions.

I specialize in strategic research-industry communications for economic and business development. I manage sophisticated communications, develop online collaborative technology platforms, and orchestrate complex social media content channels for intelligence gathering and community building. I cultivate public relations and work as a collaborating partner in civic, government, research, and industry projects.

In addition to on-line community building, I am an inventor of social knowledge systems and designer of intelligent data for strategic communications. I am an experienced coach, trainer, and consultant to individuals, start-ups, firms, organizations, universities and colleges to accelerate transformative enterprise collaboration.

From May 2010 through October 2010, I led a successful online and face-to-face campaign on behalf of the 2nd International COINs-Collaborative Innovation Networks Conference, a collaboration of Massachusetts Institute for Technology’s Center for Collective Intelligence, Savannah College of Art & Design, and Wayne State University’s College of
Engineering School of Systems and Mechanical Engineering. (Recommendation letter below.)

The COINs Conference campaign
* Integrated value-based communications
* Communicated research and industry intelligence
* Designed conference brand promotion
* Established publishing protocols
* Demonstrated leadership in virtual community building
* Constructed an online community platform
* Mentored student and volunteer project teams
* Built social media knowledge broadcast libraries
* Secured over 130,000 global viewer broadcast minutes within 21-days of the close of

I am a trusted community builder, convener, and developer of regional-to-global networks and am editor and publisher of multi-media civic intelligence libraries contributed by national and global research and industry thought leaders representing social, economic and environmental industry sectors.

Resume and recommendations:
* Betsey Merkel CV
* COINs 2010 Conference Steering Committee Testimonial for Betsey Merkel

* Gregory Stoup, Research Director, Center for Regional Economic Issues (REI), Case
Western Reserve University

* Social Business Recommendations for Betsey Merkel

Writing samples:

Salary requirements:
* Contingent upon responsibilities.

Thank you. I look forward to the opportunity to bring my talents and capabilities to strengthen your endeavors.

Betsey Merkel
Cell: 216-246-2447
Skype: betseymerkel
E-mail: [email protected]

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“Betsey is as smart as they come and a big vision holder capable of translating great ideas into actionable plans. What I so appreciate about Betsey is the quality of her being, brilliance of mind, generous nature of heart and commitment to using tools and technology in service of a world awakening.” – @Ken_Homer, Founder & Principal, Collaborative Conversations and World View Literacy Project Manager, Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS)


  • firms,
  • Inventor of Social Knowledge Systems and Designer of Intelligent Data. Coach,
  • On-line Community Builder,
  • organizations,
  • start-ups,
  • trainer and consultant to individuals,
  • universities and colleges to accelerate transformative enterprise collaboration.


  • Microsoft
  • Mac
  • Most collaborative technologies


Betsey Merkel CV Strategic Communications for Economic and Business Development



COINs 2010 Conference Steering Committee: Testimonial for Betsey Merkel

Industry Recommendations for Betsey Merkel

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