Dean of Students



Job description

General Position Summary:

The Dean of Students is an experienced, innovative and student-centered leader who works collaboratively with students, staff, and faculty, to foster a healthy and vibrant living and learning community that inspires students to be engaged global citizens.

Key Responsibilities:


  • a. Provide leadership, supervision, strategic direction and mentorship to all personnel within the division: Residential Life, Counseling, Health Services, Diversity & Inclusion, and Student Welfare.
  • b. Provide oversight and coordination of student affairs policies, procedures, and emergency protocols involving students. Advise President, Senior Leadership Team, Administrative Council, staff and faculty on appropriate actions to ensure student safety and well-being.
  • c. Act in a primary critical incident response capacity to emergency/crisis situations as needed and serve as the team contact liaison to address student and/or student’s family needs.
  • d. Provide oversight of work within the Student Affairs staff, student groups and other members of the College community in developing co-curricular programming that supports student’s overall well-being.
  • e. Encourages student behavior that supports intellectual, emotional, identity, ethical, and professional development and promotes a student culture of mutual respect, care and taking responsibility for one’s choices and actions.
  • f. Provide oversight for maintaining a developmentally appropriate and accountable student conduct system that upholds community values, addresses individual and group behaviors, and educates students regarding institutional policies and their rights on campus.
  • g. Manage information about the student conduct process, and supervise all regulatory compliance, including statistical reports and revisions to the Code of Student Conduct.
  • h. Serve in a primary leadership capacity for student persistence and the development and oversight of an institutional Retention Plan.
  • Engages effectively with partner vendors providing campus safety and food services.


  • a. Serves as a member of the Senior Leadership Team as a trusted advisor to the president and other senior level administrators.
  • b. In partnership with the Athletics Director, serve on the Academic and Student Affairs committee to the Board of Trustees.
  • c. Serves as a member of the Risk and Crisis Management Team.
  • d. Serve in a leadership and partnership capacity in actively supporting and engaging in the College’s commitment to and initiatives in sustainability.
  • e. Serve in an advisory capacity to the Northland College Student Association.
  • f. Serve in a liaison capacity with various community leaders including law enforcement, local and regional governments, and community service organizations.

Minimum Qualifications:

Education and Experience

  • Master’s degree in College Student Personnel, Educational Leadership, Counseling or related field required; PHD preferred.
  • A minimum of five years’ experience demonstrating progressive levels of responsibilities, professional experience and leadership in Student Affairs.


  • Knowledge and demonstrated experience in student development and enrollment theories, best practices and strategies.
  • Knowledge of and experience with programs and initiatives which enhance and integrate the relationship between academic and student affairs.
  • Experience in budget development and management; assessment plans and methodologies in Student Affairs; strategic planning; excellent client service and continuous quality improvement practices.
  • Experience serving in a director’s level or higher position in a Student Affairs area along with strong professional staff supervision and management.
  • Possess excellent problem-solving, decision-making and time management skills; ability to effectively resolve issues and problems, while meeting deadlines with minimal supervision.
  • Ability to develop, disseminate, interpret and enforce campus policies and regulations.
  • Ability to promote a campus climate respectful of inclusion, diversity, and multiculturalism.


  • Possess strong communication and interpersonal skills with abilities to effectively work with all campus constituencies, and the greater public.
  • Ability to effectively counsel and advise students.

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