Adams State University

Adams State Is The Most Publicly Diverse University in Colorado Join us for a learning experience that links education to community, fosters a sense of belonging, and celebrates diverse cultural and social perspectives. Adams State University’s driving purpose is to provide equitable access to education for all. We promote successful and engaged lives by caring for, connecting with, and challenging our students, campus, and community. We call this The Adams Experience. Adams State has a long history of diversity and inclusion, and has been an established, respected Hispanic Serving Institution since 1998 (the first HSI in Colorado). We have an institutional commitment to serving and empowering Hispanic students. Here, HSI is more than just a designation; it’s a continual, energizing mix of intentional actions that enhance the education and experience of all our students. It’s not just a head count. It’s the way our students count — how each person is treated with the same high level of respect, inclusion and service, and how each person has an equal opportunity to grow and advance.