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The ultimate job interview checklist

Break down the job-search process into three phases: Prep, search and close. When you think about it, the interview process also has three important stages. How you prepare and what you do afterwards is just as important as what happens when you’re sitting in the interview room pitching your skills. Below I’ve created a comprehensive […] … learn more→

Work towards a challenging and rewarding career

A graduate scheme comprises of planned rotations of projects. In addition to offering in-house training, the students are offered the opportunity to pursue higher education where the employer part-funds the educational expenses. On the performance of the graduates, they are retained and promoted to higher grades on completion of the training program. A well designed […] … learn more→

5 reasons to be thankful for your thankless job

That job you despise may be a blessing in disguise. If you’re having trouble finding the silver lining in your work these days, now’s the perfect time to look a little closer. Whether your job is plagued by boring tasks, low pay, long hours or a tyrant of a boss, there is always a reason […] … learn more→

14 ways to not get hired

Today’s job market doesn’t give you the wiggle room to be anything less than exceptional. It’s good to keep these major pitfalls at the top of your mind. Don’t be that guy. Want to know how to fail? It’s easy… 1. Don’t Follow Up: Follow up, follow up, follow up. The people you are dealing […] … learn more→

Is it OK to talk politics in a job interview?

In our democracy, voting is something of a sacred right that should never be taken for granted. But that doesn’t mean that as a job seeker your political views can be expressed anywhere and everywhere. “From a job-searching perspective, unless you’re going after a job that’s affiliated with a particular party, why would you bring […] … learn more→

On the job hunt, trust no one

Loyalty. That’s a word I never gave much thought to in relation to the job market. I was brought up in the do-unto-others school of thought; my colleagues had always had my back and vice versa. But that all changed, actually came crashing to an abrupt halt, with one brief text message from a peer, […] … learn more→

Job search in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s

Whether you are 22 or 62, a job search may be in your future. But the 20-something’s job search strategy should look very different than the 60-something’s — and so should everyone’s in between. Especially in this economy, people of all ages are in the market for a new job. Some people are looking to […] … learn more→

Test your cover letter

Before you submit your cover letter to recruiters and hiring managers, run through this battery of questions to gauge its readiness. … learn more→

How to get a job in academia when you finish your PhD

We’ve been talking a lot lately about the parlous state of the academic workplace. Just for a change, I thought it would be nice to do a hopeful post about the employment situation. The usual advice boils down to one statement: “publish early, publish often”. However, after reading Jen’s post last week I think we […] … learn more→

7 Personal branding tips for introverts

In the workforce, having a successful career can often be about personal branding and forging connections with others in the industry. But these things can be tough for introverts, who are naturally prone to desire time alone, prefer personal reflection and thought, and are often very shy. This can be intimidating when entering a professional […] … learn more→