Limestone University

It has been said that a study abroad trip will “Change your life. You’ll come back a new person.” At Limestone, we believe that learning about other cultures and experiencing those cultures is an integral part of every student’s education. Many colleges offer a small number of students the opportunity to study abroad; however, as part of your education at Limestone, we are proud to announce that every Limestone day student will have the opportunity to go on one short-term global experience trip covered by the tuition he/she already pays. Each year, Limestone will host trips to 3 to 4 locations. The trips will generally last between 8 to 12 days and will have a theme. For example, it could be Economics in Greece, Shakespeare in London, or Art in Italy. Because some students may be on an athletic team, we will offer trips in both the fall and spring semesters so don’t worry if you are an athlete in season. The great news is that each student will be able to select the trip they will attend – either because they are interested in the location, topic, timing, or all three. The choice is yours! Our goal is that every student has the opportunity to take advantage of this unique college experience.