Saint Michael’s College

At St. Mike’s, we put great thought and care into what our students learn, and how they learn it. Whether you’re studying the environment, the global economy, new media, psychology, biochemistry, world religions or accounting, you’ll be taught by expert faculty who will mentor you, illuminate your career and life paths, nurture your talents and challenge you to explore your values. Choose from more than 40 majors; each is grounded in a meaningful liberal studies curriculum. That means you’re going to learn about our world, past, present and future. You’ll study things you’ll need four years from now, and things you’ll recall 20 years from now. You’ll critically examine issues, solve abstract and concrete problems, and think for yourself, while keeping others in mind. A Saint Michael’s education is a four-year experience that will change the way you see and care for the world. You’ll know your professors–and they’ll know you Our faculty include acclaimed scientists, authors, musicians, historians and directors. And, they are here to teach you: every course is taught by a professor, not a teaching assistant. Our student-faculty ratio is 13:1, with 1:1 advising with a professor in your field of study and guidance not only with your coursework but your plans for the future.