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A graduate scheme comprises of planned rotations of projects. In addition to offering in-house training, the students are offered the opportunity to pursue higher education where the employer part-funds the educational expenses. On the performance of the graduates, they are retained and promoted to higher grades on completion of the training program. A well designed graduate scheme gears the individuals towards management and leadership positions in the future. Employers offering the schemes reward the students for their dedication and skills. Salaries are reviewed, and host of benefits are offered to the recruits in the course of the training program. Importance of graduate schemes As you plan to apply for a graduate scheme, you need to compare the competitive salaries which are offered by the employers. If you have decided to work after graduating a graduate scheme UK can pave the way for professional success. There are several benefits of graduate schemes: • It can be a great way to start professional ties. • It can be easier for the graduates to start working in departments with which they are already familiar with. • Recent graduates have access to trainees from whom they can seek advice. • At times, a mentor can help out with queries related to the career. • Often financial support is offered which helps you to increase professional qualification. Several aspects of the training scheme Most of the graduate schemes offer competitive salaries and attractive packages of benefits. With a graduate you can expect the following: • Duration of the schemes can vary across employers. • Duration of accounting graduate training schemes is three years. • Banking graduate schemes last for two years. • Most of the schemes involve placements across different departments. • You can easily find a graduate scheme in your campus. • You can know more about graduate schemes UK by visiting career fairs. • At university career centers, you will be able to find relevant information. Select the right route • Graduate schemes begin with an induction period where you are introduced with the members of the firm. • You may be introduced to the clients the company deals with. • Social events can help you to interact with seniors who can offer professional guidance. • Employers usually seek for 2.1 when you apply for the scheme. • At times, they seek 280-320 UCAS points. • Individuals with strong extra-curricular activities have higher chances of seeking high paying jobs. • Strong communication skills and professional behavior can help you to crack the interviews and pave the way for a rewarding career. Look forward to graduate opportunities Most of the employers start their recruitment in autumn that helps the students to begin their training program next September. It is important for you to decide whether the company is right for you before you undertake the application procedure. Some companies have an ongoing recruitment process. Seize the right opportunity to forward you career goals and earn lucrative salaries. Most of the large employers offer competitive salaries and attractive remuneration to graduates who are enrolling in the graduate scheme UK. Monetary benefits in case of graduate schemes are higher than entry level salaries for normal jobs. Entry to the graduate schemes is very competitive. You need to prepare well for the interviews. Be prepared for brain teasers that may be asked in the interview sessions. Telephone interviews and group tasks may be a part of the recruitment process. It is advised that you apply for the schemes early. At times, joining bonuses are offered to the graduates. By enrolling in a graduate scheme, you will be able to gear up for leadership positions in the future. On completion of the schemes, the graduates gain valuable experience which helps them to gradually work towards a permanent role. Author Bio: Dave is a graduate from Boston University who has plans of enrolling in graduate schemes UK which can help him to attain jobs offering competitive salaries.