Oklahoma City Community College

More than 22,000 college students choose Oklahoma City Community College each year. This includes people from all backgrounds, ages and experiences, including:
  • New or first-time college students (often the first in the family to go to college)
  • Transfer students from across Oklahoma (either incoming or outgoing)
  • Adult students attending college for the first time
  • Adult students returning to college to finish their degrees
  • Veterans using GI Bill college benefits
So, there is no average community college student or typical community college student. Each one has reasons to go to college.

Reasons Why We Want You to Consider OCCC:

1. New Student Today, Two Years to Graduation

What’s the beauty of attending Oklahoma City Community College as either a new student or transfer student? After two years of full-time undergraduate college classes, you have something to show for it – an associate degree – not a half-finished bachelor’s degree:
  • OCCC’s many associate degree programs prepare you directly for jobs in top career fields.
  • OCCC’s many other associate degree programs easily transfer to other colleges and universities in Oklahoma or elsewhere, if you’d like to go on to earn your bachelor’s degree or more.

2. Faculty, Live and in Person!

Oklahoma City Community College faculty members teach college classes. That is their number one job. With both academic credentials and practical knowledge, our professors deliver the college education you want and deserve:
  • Accredited college degree programs
  • Small classes
  • Personal attention
  • Hands-on learning
  • Internships and real-world projects

3. Flexibility and Support

Oklahoma City Community College’s flexible schedule of college classes includes these options to fit your busy schedule:
  • Online classes
  • Morning, afternoon, evening and weekend college classes
And, don’t miss free tutoring in our math, science, computer and communications learning labs.