University of The Bahamas

The University of The Bahamas was newly chartered on 10th November 2016, and we rest comfortably on the strong foundation built for us by The College of The Bahamas. As the national tertiary level institution for the country, we are mindful of our role in the community and we encourage our students to be involved in and conceive of community initiatives. We are a student-centered institution and we seek to improve the lives of students, not only through our teaching in the classroom, but also through a campus life experience that is growing and thriving. At UB, faculty and staff go above and beyond to ensure that our students have an excellent academic “living and learning” experience. Faculty engage our students in many extra-curricular activities that aim to showcase their talents and provide a more diverse university experience. The University has a thriving intellectual and social life on campus.  Throughout the year, we host a series of events and lectures to expose our community to diverse topics and experiences. Some of our signature events are the Colour of Harmony, the Anatol Rodgers Memorial Lecture Series, the Critical Caribbean Symposium Series, the Myles Munroe Memorial Lecture and our Business Week. The public is always invited and encouraged to attend. As an archipelagic nation, it is part of our mission to expand our campus throughout The Bahamas, to ensure that every citizen has access to a quality university education. We also want to ensure that international students studying in The Bahamas have the opportunity to travel throughout the country, by studying at different campuses. UB has a lot to offer. We have a first-rate Accounting programme; an exciting Media Journalism programme; an Art programme that has helped to produce many of The Bahamas’ and the world’s famous artists; Education and Nursing programmes that continue to meet the needs of our country; and others.