Assistant Dean of Student Affairs; Director of Housing and Residence Life/University Conduct Coordinator

Lacey, Washington, United States

Job description

The Assistant Dean of Student Affairs (AD) serves as the Director of Housing and Residence Life and University Conduct Coordinator. The AD is responsible for the administration, maintenance, programming, budgeting, assessment, and community standards for four residence halls that combine traditional, suite, and apartment-style rooms and house up to 630 residents each semester. The Assistant Dean is responsible for the supervision and training of four professional staff members – an Associate Director, two Assistant Directors, and a Housing Operations Manager – and indirectly manages a student staff of fifteen Resident Assistants, eleven Norcia Mentors, seven to ten work study Office Assistants, a summer conference intern, and five Conference Assistants. As the University’s chief conduct officer, the Assistant Dean develops and administers University policies and disciplinary procedures, selects and trains hearing officers and members of the Student Conduct Committee, and adjudicates severe and/or repetitive violations of University policy. The Assistant Dean works collaboratively with a wide variety of University offices, programs, staff, and faculty, and serves on and/or chairs a number of University-wide committees, including the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Team, Behavioral Intervention Team, Student Success Committee, Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeals Board, Retention Committee, Budget Committee, Bias Impact Response Team (BIRT), Suicide Prevention Taskforce, and Emergency Response Communications Team..

Essential Functions & Responsibilities -Essential duties and responsibilities may include, but are not limited to, the following.

· Directly supervise, train, support, and evaluate one Associate Director, two Assistant Directors, and one Housing Operations Manager and indirectly manage a staff of fifteen Resident Assistants, seven to ten work study Office Assistants, eleven Norcia Mentors, and five summer Conference Assistants. Serve as a resource person for both professional and student staff.
· Administer the student conduct process as the university’s chief conduct officer by researching, drafting, and revising policies; selecting, training, and coordinating the Student Conduct Committee; reviewing and delegating student conduct cases; adjudicating all severe, repetitive, sensitive, and/or separation-worthy allegations of student misconduct; and developing and communicating appropriate educational sanctions. Maintain and safeguard student conduct records. Ensure students’ rights and emphasize community values and responsibilities.
· Contribute to the University’s strategic planning, accreditation, and retention efforts and ensure compliance with policies, standards, and legislation by developing assessment tools and procedures and providing quarterly and annual reports to the President and Board of Trustees on pertinent issues and overall student satisfaction, engagement, learning, and personal growth.
· Provide day-to-day management of four residence halls (630-person capacity), including data entry; billing; coordination of food, mail, and facilities and custodial services; maintenance of key, furniture, and equipment inventories; and communication with students and parents.
· Provide outreach to students at risk or in need, establishing meaningful connections in and out of the office. Provide opportunities for residents to connect with support resources and other members of the campus community in order to encourage a rich knowledge of self and others.
· Draft, revise, and enforce policies and procedures related to housing requirements and expectations as well as student misconduct to promote accountability, transparency, and fairness; align with the University’s values and mission; and ensure compliance with local, state, and federal laws.
· Spearhead major departmental events and projects such as staff selection, fall and spring staff training, housing reapplication, room assignment, opening, and closing.
· Provide campus-wide duty coverage on a rotating basis, serving as an on-call first-responder to emergencies and severe policy violations. Provide direct, immediate outreach to students in crisis due to interpersonal relationships, academic preparedness, stress, depression, identity development, conflict resolution, substance abuse, homesickness, etc. Consult with and make referrals to appropriate colleagues associated with the Counseling and Wellness Center, Public Safety, Behavioral Intervention Team, Student Success Committee, etc.
· Serve on and provide leadership to committees as assigned, including the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Team, Student Success Committee, Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT), Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeals Board, Retention Committee, Budget Committee, Bias Impact Response Team (BIRT), Suicide Prevention Taskforce, and Emergency Response Communications Team.
· Oversee and manage the department’s $435,000 operating budget and designated accounts, draft short- and long-term revenue projections, identify revenue-generating opportunities, and review and/or propose rate changes in collaboration with the Vice President of Finance.
· Establish, oversee, and assess programming and training initiatives and special interest/living-learning communities based upon student development theory and best practices in partnership with other academic and administrative departments.
· Manage the summer conference season by partnering with International Programs and Event Services in booking groups and preparing their room assignments, orientation presentations, policy briefings, check-in/check-out procedures, printed materials, room cleaning services, etc.
· Oversee the short- and long-term development of the Housing and Residence Life department by facilitating the department’s strategic planning process, guiding all student-staff training and selection initiatives, establishing student learning outcomes, and developing strategies for achieving them while responding to the growth and changing demographics of the student population.
· Monitor occupancy and ensure the effectiveness, accuracy, and fairness of billing, application, room assignment, meal plan selection, and roommate pairing practices and procedures.
· Collaborate with the Facilities and Finance offices to effectively maintain residential facilities and grounds and to propose, plan, and implement renovation and construction projects.

· Promote community building, civility, respect, inclusivity, self-awareness, maturity, and self-efficacy by adhering to an intentional programming model, holding students accountable to community standards, and providing training in effective mediation and conflict resolution strategies.
· Collaborate with other University and community offices, programs, agencies, committees, and colleagues as necessary.
· Perform other duties as assigned by the Dean of Student Affairs or designee.

· Excellent analytical, managerial, oral, and written communication and interpersonal skills.
· Must be capable of working in a stressful environment.
· Work cooperatively and collaboratively on projects with other college constituencies to provide quality service to students.
· Observes, compares, and monitors data to determine compliance with prescribed operating procedures/policies, safety standards, and legal and liability issues.
· Reviews and/or checks the work products of others to ensure conformance to standards.
· Comprehends and makes inferences from written material. Locates and disseminates factual information.
· Produces written documents with clearly organized thoughts using proper sentence construction, punctuation, and grammar.
· Superior interpersonal and communication skills (verbal and written).
· Organizational and administrative experience and excellence.
· Ability to work flexible hours and maintain a weekday/weekend on-call schedule.
· Experience working with diverse population.
· Must be supportive of a Catholic, Benedictine philosophy of education. Conduct business in a manner compatible with Saint Martin’s philosophy and mission.
· Use student development and social justice theory and assessment tools to address the needs and concerns of the community.
· Process administrative requests in a timely manner and offer exemplary customer service to students, parents, and outside agencies.
· Recognize and appreciate differences in individuals and student populations and facilitate equitable community building within the residence halls.

· Master’s Degree in student services, education administration, or other related discipline from an accredited college or university.
· Four years’ experience in Residence Life or Housing.
· Successfully pass a criminal background check.

Work is performed in a standard office environment. Physical demands include:
· Moves objects (less than 50 pounds) like bed frames and mattresses medium distances and potentially up and down stairs (more than 20 feet).
· Ability to be mobile campus wide for appropriate business needs.
· Operates a variety of standard office equipment requiring continuous or repetitive arm-hand movements.
· Reading, writing, speaking, hearing, standing, bending, sitting.
· Learning and comprehending.
· Requires visual concentration on detail.
· Manual dexterity and precision required for keyboarding
· Must be able to sit for long periods at a time at a computer
· May occasionally be required to deal with distraught people.
· Must be able to concentrate on details and process complex information while experiencing frequent interruptions.
· Must be able to communicate effectively with people at all levels under stressful conditions.

How to apply

To be considered for this position, please visit us at: WORK@SMU

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