Assistant Vice Provost for Student Engagement

San Francisco, California, United States

Job description

Reporting directly to the Vice Provost for Student Life, the Assistant Vice Provost for Student Engagement will serve a pivotal role in assisting the University to enhance student learning, development, engagement, leadership, and success. The Assistant Vice Provost is responsible for the overall vision, leadership, direction, assessment, evaluation, and coordination of services and programs for Campus Engagement, Cultural Centers, Graduate Student Engagement, Orientation and Family Programs, and Student Leadership and Engagement.

As a member of the larger staff in Student Life, the Assistant Vice Provost for Student Engagement collaborates and cooperates to create leadership and intercultural competence opportunities to support student learning and development in the Jesuit Catholic tradition. The mission of Student Life is to fully support holistic student development within a social justice framework centered in preparing students to be caring, socially responsible citizens in our global and local community.

Job Responsibilities:

Divisional Responsibilities

  • Serve on the Student Life Core Team; provide leadership for the Division by helping to define and implement the Divisions mission, vision, values, and strategic goals
  • Lead divisional efforts for student engagement in co-curricular programs, career and leadership development, and student advocacy
  • Supervise the Director of Student Leadership and Engagement, Co-Directors of the Cultural Centers, Assistant Director for Orientation Programs, and one Program Manager
  • Advance the leadership development philosophy for the Division informed by the Social Change Model of Leadership and findings from the Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership
  • Provide leadership and oversight for various new student programs including New Student Orientation and Welcome Weekends, including collaboration with various campus partners and constituents
  • Collaborate with faculty from the USF School of Education to provide divisional internship and practica opportunities for graduate students in the Higher Education and Student Affairs masters program
  • Responsible for developing policies governing student activities, student organization adjudication, fundraising, protests, posting, event promotion, and University Center facilities
  • Oversee the appointment process of students serving on Student Life and University-wide committees and task forces
  • Lead divisional efforts to provide leadership and cultural competence training for student leaders and departmental student staff
  • Lead efforts for the creation and development of USF 101, the universitys freshman seminar program, including course content, scheduling, registration, and instructor training
  • Supervisory responsibility for unit budgets: approximately $1.7 million unrestricted expense budget and approximately $2 million in restricted student club funds
  • Participate in committees, task forces, and special projects or other duties as requested by the Vice Provost for Student Life

Campus Engagement

  • Support the advisor to the ASUSF Senate and Graduate Student Senate, meeting regularly with him/her to provide oversight to organizations and officers
  • Oversee eligibility, election, and appointment processes for students serving in these organizations and on university committees
  • Work with ASUSF Senate and Graduate Student Senate to provide leadership opportunities, programming and services to undergraduate and graduate students, and ensure that policies and procedures are adhered to and appropriate resources are provided
  • Implement policies and systems to ensure fiscal accountability and responsibility within ASUSF Funded Account Organizations, ASUSF Senate, and Graduate Student Senate

Cultural Centers

  • Provide oversight for the financial resources for the department and training and evaluation of two full-time professional staff members and student staff
  • Provide divisional oversight for cultural centers programming, staff, and initiatives
  • Lead efforts that promote collaboration between the Intercultural Center, the Gender and Sexuality Center, and various stakeholders
  • Supervise two full-time Co-Directors of the Centers
  • Support the Co-Directors in their advising role for the Culturally Focused Clubs Council
  • Communicate regularly with university leadership regarding initiatives of the Cultural Centers and satisfaction of first-generation and underrepresented student communities
  • Partner and communicate with various faculty/staff in support of cultural center programs

Graduate Student Engagement

  • Provide leadership and oversight for divisional communication and collaboration with various graduate programs across all schools and colleges
  • Provide graduate student services in collaboration with various university departments
  • Coordinate orientation and welcome programs for new graduate students

Higher Education and Student Affairs (HESA) Coordination

  • Coordinate the internship development and placement process for students enrolled in the HESA masters program
  • Cultivate internships at on- and off- campus locations and provide oversight and direction to site supervisors
  • Conduct internship training to provide practical training and supplement classroom learning
  • Meet regularly with HESA faculty to plan and coordinate internships program based on program needs
  • Plan and coordinate Preview Day Interview and Selection Process in collaboration with various units

Orientation, Transition, and Retention Programs

  • Support the planning and implementation of New Student Orientation programs with the various campus entities including Strategic Enrollment Management and Academic Colleges
  • Chair the Orientation Steering Committee and oversee all orientation subcommittees (12) including Webtrack, Move-In Day, Convocation, and Next Steps
  • Monitor and track expenditures and manage the orientation budget as well as the ASUSF Orientation budget
  • Provide vision, direction, and evaluation and assessment to implement a coordinated Orientation and Welcome Weekend Experience

Student Leadership and Engagement

  • Provide leadership in functional areas, including student leadership programs, new student programs, student activities and events, Associated Students of University of San Francisco (ASUSF), Associated Graduate Students of the University of San Francisco (AGSUSF), student organizations, fraternities and sororities, and advisor programs
  • Provide oversight for the financial resources for the department and training and evaluation of full-time professional staff members and student staff
  • Oversee the design and implementation of a comprehensive student leadership program and collaborate with other student leadership programs and academic departments across the University
  • Direct leadership development and training programs for student leaders. Meet regularly with these leaders to encourage active participation in program planning and student governance and to improve communication and collaboration
  • In collaboration with the Office of Student Conduct, Rights and Responsibilities, oversee educational programs as well as adjudication procedures for student organizations on campus
  • Conduct research and benchmarking. Evaluate and assess program and service effectiveness to understand the extent to which departmental programs are impacting student development, learning, engagement, and success and furthering the mission, vision and values of the University and the Division of Student Life
  • Identify best practices and implement strategies to assure full student participation and engagement in campus life and activities based on student development theories and research
  • Educate staff about the policies and procedures set forth in the Fogcutter Student Handbook and review regularly to ensure consistency and adherence
  • Lead the creation and development of the USF 101 first-year student seminar program.
  • Create course content in collaboration with various departments, faculty, and staff, as well as the Subcommittee on Admissions and First-Year Students
  • Coordinate with the Registrars Office, Events Management, and the Webtrack Committee on course scheduling and rooming
  • Lead and facilitate instructor and peer mentoring training in support of the course
  • Research best practices in freshman seminars to inform program development and evaluation

Minimum Requirements:

Earned doctorate in higher education administration, college student services administration or related field preferred, Masters degree required. Minimum five years of senior level management in student leadership and engagement orientation development and programming. Proven knowledge of student development theories. Demonstrated expertise in student programming and leadership development and training, including the design, coordination, and evaluation of educationally purposeful activities and leadership programs. Knowledge of the histories, theories, and practice of multiculturalism, multicultural student development and student leadership development. Knowledge and experience of the methodologies used to enhance students academic and personal development, such as collaborative and student-centered teaching/learning models, small group facilitation, coaching, mentoring, and advocacy. Knowledge of trends and issues facing students from low-income, underrepresented, multiracial, multiethnic, mixed-race, mixed-ethnic, immigrant, refugee, disability, and/or lgbtqia+_ backgrounds.

The successful candidate must also possess a demonstrated ability to oversee comprehensive student organizations, supervise professional staff and student workers, and manage large budgets. The candidate must also possess strong written and oral communication skills and have a commitment to, and understanding of, a diverse, urban institution. The candidate must have a demonstrated interest in, and commitment to, the vision, mission, and values of a Jesuit institution and education. Occasional weekend and evening hours are required.

How to apply

For information on how to apply, please visit the following link:

EEO Policy
The University of San Francisco is an equal opportunity institution of higher education. As a matter of policy, the University does not discriminate in employment, educational services and academic programs on the basis of an individuals race, color, religion, religious creed, ancestry, national origin, age (except minors), sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, medical condition (cancer-related and genetic-related) and disability, and the other bases prohibited by law. The University reasonably accommodates qualified individuals with disabilities under the law.

Our vision, mission and values statement is the best expression of USF’s mission. It’s a detailed and carefully constructed document, but what it boils down to is relatively simple: USF exists to provide a rigorous, world-class education to a new generation of leaders, who will work to create a more humane and just world.