Education Faculty



Job description

Chadron, NE

Essential Duties:
1. Teaching within the education program
2. Advising students within the program
3. Developing curriculum in an open resource/low cost format
4. Developing courses for online instruction
5. Supervising student teachers
6. Serving on campus and departmental committees
7. Engaging students in co-curricular activities to enhance learning
8. Assess student performance for individual improvement strategy development
9. Assist with the program assessment processes and develop continuous improvement plans and activities

Secondary Duties:
1. Assist with the scheduling of courses
2. Assist with the development of advising materials
3. Assist with all recruiting and marketing efforts of the institution
4. Participate in the overall mission related activities of the college
5. Other duties as assigned by Dean

How to apply

Apply online

Chadron State College is a four-year public college in the Nebraska State College System in Chadron, Nebraska, United States. The college is located in the northern part of the Nebraska Panhandle, in the Pine Ridge area.