Lecturer, Director of ITP

Troy, Alabama, United States

Job description

Posting Number F0594P
Position Type Faculty
Department of C R I T – Troy
Division College of Education
Faculty Rank Lecturer

If Faculty position 12 Month

Is this position tenure track or non-tenure track? Non-Tenure Track

Troy University’s College of Education is seeking to hire a dynamic leader to oversee the on-campus and online American Sign Language (ASL) Program, Bachelor of Science Degree in Interpreter Training Program (ITP) and other related programs and support services.

The Lecturer, Director of ITP is responsible for recruiting and supervising teaching faculty and staff (talent management); overseeing and contributing to the development and delivery of competency-based curriculum; teaching and evaluating student skills and knowledge; advising students; supervising field placements; assisting with program assessment; working with community stakeholders (Deaf community, interpreters, state and professional agencies) to support the Deaf community; conducting and overseeing research on issues affecting the deaf community; extensive collaboration across the University, local community, and State leading to a unified vision and consensus building to work toward that vision; and participating in national, state, College, and University-wide professional activities.

Minimum Qualifications
1. Master’s degree in interpreting, linguistics, ASL, intercultural communication, education, foreign language instruction, or related academic discipline
2. Current certification from the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) and/or American Sign Language Teacher Association (ASLTA)
3. Minimum of five years of professional interpreting experience
4. Program administrator experience
5. Supervisory experience
6. Ability to lead a broad-based student recruitment effort leading to high student access and success
7. Excellent written and oral communication skills, presentation skills, and a keen ability to manage information
8. Strong interpersonal and leadership skills

Preferred Qualifications
1. Terminal degree in interpreting, linguistics, ASL, intercultural communication, education, foreign language instruction, or related field
2. Experience teaching college-level interpreting coursework via face-to-face and distance methodologies
3. Experience working with students from diverse cultures
4. Evidence of scholarship in the relevant field
5. Leadership experience in field at the state and national levels
6. Familiarity with the CCIE accreditation expectations and procedures
7. Experience in grant writing and grant administration/management
8. Knowledge of technology applications in educational programs

Will this position require driving (personal vehicle, university vehicle, utility vehicle, or golf cart) in order to perform the job duties?
Driving may be necessary but is not a primary responsibility

Work Hours
To be determined

Academic Term Position Will Begin
2018 Summer

How to apply

Apply online
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