Undergraduate Psychology, Adjunct Faculty

Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Job description

Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Lesley University is highly regarded for its graduate and undergraduate programs in education, the arts, and applied social sciences. Lesley fosters a highly creative environment in which innovative ideas thrive, theory is integrated with practice and its 7,000 students and 87,000 alumni are empowered to improve and enrich communities.

We offer a benefits package to eligible adjunct faculty that may include benefits such as health, dental, vision and life insurance, and participation in the Lesley University Retirement Plan, a 403(b) plan.

Please note that all adjunct faculty who teach credit-bearing courses at Lesley University are represented by the Service Employees International Union, Local 509 (SEIU).

Job Description:

Lesley University is looking for experienced, adjunct faculty to teach undergraduate courses for our fall 2018 semester. The time and day of courses offered cannot be changed. Applicants must have a master’s degree–or doctorate–in psychology or related fields. Applicants should have recent teaching or clinical experience related to the courses listed below and should be able to provide recent teaching evaluations as well as 3 references who can speak to their teaching and/or clinical work.

Courses include: 

CPSYC-1401 Lifespan Development

09/05/2018-12/11/2018 Monday, Wednesday 09:35AM – 10:50AM

This course offers a comprehensive study of the theoretical perspectives and contemporary research on human development, exploring various stages of life and the developmental tasks associated with each. The major theories pertaining to cognitive, emotional, moral, and social development throughout the lifespan are explored, with attention given to the interaction of environmental and familial factors with the usual course of development.

CPSYC2433: Cognitive Psychology

09/11/2018-12/11/2018 Tuesday 01:15PM – 03:45PM

This course provides a critical review of theories, methods, and findings in human information processing, learning, and thinking. Topics include verbal learning, memory, attention, perception, problem solving, and creativity.

CPSYC-3425 Applied Group Dynamics

09/06/2018-12/11/2018 Thursday 06:45PM – 09:15PM

This course is designed for students who wish to increase their ability to function effectively in groups. Attention is given to understanding the processes and development of small groups, and to participation, influence, authority, leadership, and other aspects of working in groups. Students are expected to choose and pursue behavior goals for themselves.

CPSYC-2431 Social Psychology

09/04/2018-10/28/2018 Online

The influence of social factors on human behavior are explored through theory and research. The course focuses on behavior in the context of interpersonal relations, and small and large groups. Topics include the basis of interpersonal attraction, social influence, attitudes, attribution theory, race relations, intergroup conflict and its resolution, and the family as a system.

CPSYC-2403 Theories of Personality 

09/07/2018-12/11/2018 Tuesday, Friday 11:10AM – 12:25PM

This course explores the major paradigms of personality theory through the use of lectures, discussions, and case studies. Current research is examined and models of personality development are discussed as they relate to current clinical practices. Perspectives will include biological and trait; psychoanalysis, along with other Neo- Freudian perspectives; feminist; social-behavioral; and humanistic/holistic.

CPSYC 2551: Concepts & Skills in Professional Practice

01/22/2018-05/04/2018 Lecture Monday, Wednesday 09:35AM – 10:50AM

This course combines theory with practice as students engage in the first of their required internships. The course focuses on the development of communication skills, clinical skills of interviewing, case study, and professional conduct.

CPSYC-1551 Foundations & Systems

09/05/2018-12/11/2018 Lecture Monday, Wednesday 11:10AM – 12:25PM

This course introduces students to a wide range of human service professions, with particular attention paid to art therapy, counseling, expressive arts therapy, human services, holistic psychology and psychology. Students will get an overview of the history and methods of the human service professions. Career opportunities are explored through guest presentations and assignments in community settings. The values and ethical issues facing professionals are introduced as students plan and prepare for their Sopohmore internship experience.

CPSYC-3405 Abnormal Psychology

09/07/2018-12/11/2018 Lecture Tuesday, Friday 08:00AM – 09:15AM

Students are introduced to the dynamics of normal and abnormal behavior and adjustment. The course emphasizes the study of basic needs, anxiety, defense mechanisms, neurosis, psychosis, psychotherapy, and prevention of disorder. In-depth consideration of psychoanalytic theory is contrasted with existential and other theories. Case studies are used.


  • Master’s degree or doctorate in psychology or related field.
  • Undergraduate teaching experience and/or clinical experience related to the course(s) listed in the position description.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Must be authorized to work in the United States; if you hold a visa, your visa status must allow you to work at Lesley University.

Additional Information:

Background checks are required for all positions.

Lesley University is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer, and is committed to increasing the diversity of the university community and the curriculum. Candidates who believe they can contribute to this goal are encouraged to apply.

How to apply

Apply online

A cover letter, CV/resume, and contact information for three references who can speak to your teaching and/or clinical work must be included for full consideration.

Indicate on your cover letter the courses you are applying for.

Must be able to provide recent teaching evaluations.

Applications will be reviewed upon the establishment of an appropriate pool of candidates.

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