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Philadelphia, PA

Welcome and Introduction

The Department of Communication and Media Studies at Saint Joseph’s University invites applications for highly qualified adjunct faculty. The department cultivates a “hands-on” approach to learning that includes theory and practice. Professionals with an advanced degree and a passion for teaching undergraduates are encouraged to apply. Part-time adjunct faculty may instruct 1 or 2 courses each semester on an “as needed” basis.

For further information about the Department, please visit our website at:

If Part Time, hours per week:
3-12 hours per week

If temporary, please provide a start and end date:

Semester to Semester

Job Type:
No Response

Position Summary or Faculty Qualifications

Our department has a variety of courses available to adjuncts, including foundational courses in communication and media theory, practice and ethics and advanced courses. Experienced instructors can also design courses in their area(s) of expertise.

Courses available are offered during the day and occasionally at night:

  • Communication Theory and Practice
  • Web Design and Development
  • Communication and Media Ethics
  • Digital Field Methods (audio, video, photography)
  • Visual Design
  • Course(s) in area of expertise

Duties and Responsibilities:

Teaching of a specified course/language (face-to-face, hybrid or online course(s))

Preparation of materials

Providing support and guidance to students

Keeping posted office hours (1 hr per week per course)

Giving prompt, regular feedback to students about their academic performance

Reporting mid-semester and final grades electronically

Secondary Responsibilities:

Cooperating with course coordinators or other program faculty to assure quality and consistency across the program

Minimum Requirements:

  • Master’s Degree in Media Studies, Communication or closely related majors

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Ph.D.
  • Previous teaching experience
  • Willingness to be flexible in class scheduling
  • Excellent references


218155 – Communications

Job Close Date:

Open Until Filled

Open to:
Internal and External Applicants

How to apply

Apply online

Saint Joseph’s University is a private, Catholic, Jesuit institution and expects members of its community to be knowledgeable about its mission and to make a positive contribution to that mission. Saint Joseph’s University is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer that seeks to recruit, develop and retain a talented and diverse workforce.