Adjunct Instructor – Adult Health and Childbearing



Job description

Langston, OK

Provide classroom, clinical and/or college laboratory instruction for students enrolled in the upper-division Bachelor of Science in Nursing or other health professions program. Serve as a positive role model for students. Evaluate students’ learning based on established criteria and professional standards. Work with diverse populations and faculty and students at a distant location. Maintain open communication with the dean, site director and course faculty. Contribute to faculty unity by supporting and encouraging peers. Ability to work cooperatively as an employee of the university. Ensure compliance with departmental or university guidelines and processes. Perform other job duties as assigned by the dean or site coordinator.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Provide didactic (classroom) and/or clinical instruction for groups of students.


    • Teach students in a specialized area of subjects.
    • Integrate subject knowledge and hands-on experience in the development of learning processes.
    • Prepare and deliver learning objectives on specialized subjects to students.
    • Complement faculty lectures with supportive educational materials and other ways of delivery, e.g., flipping the classroom, case studies, group activities, case studies, lab.
    • Develop lesson plans and assignments for students.
    • Assess and evaluate (grade) student assignments and their academic performances per the course syllabus.
    • Post grades to learning management system within 48 hours of the submitted assignment.
    • Ensure stimulating classroom learning experiences to students.
    Answer and respond to students’ questions on the subject.

  • Meet with students during posted office course and by appointment.
  • Keep the course faculty informed of students’ performance.


  • Arrange for orientation to clinical agencies where students are assigned.
  • Supervise students at all times when in the clinical setting.
  • If supervising students in more than one location, ensure responsible for advising agency personnel and students of contact information.
  • Provide agency personnel with written objectives for the assigned experience.
  • Interpret the program and the objectives as necessary.
  • Evaluate student as outlined in the syllabus and by using the course clinical evaluation.
  • Notify the course faculty of schedule or clinical changes immediately, if changes are absolutely necessary.

How to apply

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