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San Pedro Garza Garcia, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

About the School of Education and Humanities

The School of Education and Humanities is made up of a hundred professors and administrators who provide service to more than 700 students entrolled in one of nine undergraduate programs, 4 graduate programs and a program of social and educational inclusion. Through the general studies curriculum, the humanistic vision of the UDEM is evident. Amongst the academic spaces that form part of the School of Education and Humanitites are the Media Laboratory, UDEM Radio 90.5 FM, TV UDEM, the News Agency, and the Modern Languages Laboratory.

About the University of Monterrey

We are a higher-education institution of catholic inspiration, open to students and faculty of all creeds and backgrounds. The Universidad de Monterrey is recognized for offering unique Whole-Person Education program and services to its students. Furthermore, such educational programs and services are aligned with the personal characteristics and professional interests of students so that they can utilize their maximum potentials in an environment of high academic rigor and in an internationalized context of learning.

At present, we have 14 thousand students and we offer 46 undergraduate degree programs, 15 master degree programs, 13 graduate specializations, and 35 medical specializations.

About the position

The successful candidates for this position is expected to teach in the area of communication and organizational communication, participate in the research groups of the Department of Information Sciences, generate academic research products, advise final evaluation projects of undergraduate and postgraduate level, collaborate in the academic comittees of the department and in their activities, tutor students in their advancement plan and participate in institutional committees.

Basic qualifications needed for this position:
PhD in Communication or Research in Communication

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Universidad de Monterrey stands out as model of liberal arts education. We believe that education does not only consist of the acquisition of knowledge, but should also seek the comprehensive and holistic development of the human being.