Faculty – International Law | Commercial Law (English Language)



Job description

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The American University in the Emirates invites Ph.D. holder applicants for full-time faculty (Professor, Associate Professor and Assistant Professor).

The faculty required will be teaching in one or more of the below Specializations:

  • International Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Money and Banking in Law 
  • Public Finance and Economic Legislation
  • Environmental Law
  • Legal Frame of E-Commerce

 Instruction Language: English

Teaching Load:  24 credit hours per academic year (12 credit hours each Semester)

Job purpose

Responsible to provide students with professional expertise in teaching, assessing student work, academic advising, participating in administrative and committee activities, professional service, and community service.

Qualifications & Education

  • Ph.D. in the related Law field from an accredited university in the United States of America or a recognized University accredited by an American Accreditation body.
  • 18 credit hours of graduate studies in the required field.
  • Minimum one research publication in Scopus journals


  • Applicants must have a minimum of 2 years of teaching /working experience in an internationally accredited university.
  • Proven record of excellence at baccalaureate and graduate program level teaching
  • An active researcher in the field of sport Law
  • Experience in the field of sport is preferable

Skills / Training / Knowledge

  • Curricular development and review.
  • Record of professional accomplishment including peer-reviewed publications
  • Continued research program and interest in collaboration with another faculty.
  • Ability to integrate web-based and digital technology in the classroom.
  • Willingness to provide service to the University and the College.
  • Excellent English Proficiency and Communication skills for Faculty teaching in English
  • Excellent Arabic Proficiency and Communication skills for faculty teaching in Arabic

Key Competencies

Critical competences Weighting (%)

(Must add up to 100%)

Teaching / Class Activities 20%
Academic Advising 10%
Research Activities 20%
Curriculum Development 15%
Professional Development Activities 15%
Community Service 10%
University Service 10%


  • Expected to present research and practice-driven teaching
  • Adapt to the latest pedagogical techniques that stimulate students to inquiry and to encompass a broad and coherent body of knowledge, attaining the skills and competencies through engaging delivery techniques and development of appropriate assessments
  • Supervision of thesis, capstone and internship assignments of students
  • Actively engage in scholarly activities and publish peer-reviewed articles in the area of specialization, thus contributing to the Mission of the University.
  • Provide academic advising and guidance to the students in the program’s learning outcomes, curriculum planning, and career planning.
  • Evaluating students’ performance and grading. Providing clear assessment criteria that reflect course content and its learning outcomes, setting expectations to students, avoiding cognitive biases.
  • Contribute to regular curriculum reviewing and improving the existing curriculum or developing new specialization or program.
  • Participate by working in a task force or workgroup to accomplish assignments or projects such as accreditation, recruitment, research administration, consultation, and service to the university, discipline, and the community.
  • Acquire the latest academic techniques, discipline and professional certification, technology-related development, and leadership development through attending in-campus and out-campus workshops, seminars, and training.

How to apply

Apply online

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