Faculty – Practicum and Internship Coordinator



Job description

Grand Canyon University’s College of Humanities & Social Sciences is currently seeking a full time Faculty – Practicum and Internship Coordinator. The Faculty – Practicum and Internship Coordinator position is a full-time, 12 month teaching and administrative position. The faculty member serves in the role of practicum and internship coordinator for the counseling academic unit. Responsibilities include providing instruction by incorporating innovative teaching methodologies, cutting-edge technologies, and other industry trends reflecting advancements in the respective profession.

Shape the bright futures of Grand Canyon University students as a Faculty – Practicum and Internship Coordinator for the traditional ground campus in the College of Humanities & Social Sciences.


Faculty/Teaching Role and Responsibilities:

  • Equip students with the required skill set, facilitate classroom discussions, assess student performance, and preparing students to be successful leaders in their chosen profession.
  • Teach evening graduate courses, daytime courses, asynchronous, or synchronous courses as assigned.
  • Serve as a faculty supervisor for practicum and internship courses as needed (part of teaching load).
  • Available to provide 24-hour turnaround responses to student questions and concerns.
  • Work collaborative with other counseling education programs hosted in different colleges.
  • Serve as a subject matter expert for practicum and internship courses. May assist with curricular changes and/or course creation.
  • Maintain compliance with all college and university policies, procedures, and program accreditation/licensure requirements.
  • Provide a positive example to students by supporting the University’s Doctrinal Statement, Ethical Position Statement and Mission of Grand Canyon University.
  • Maintain focus on growth opportunities and trends in the counseling field, holds a current independent license in counseling, and maintains membership with the American Counseling Association or the American School Counseling Association (ASCA).
  • Contribute to the development of an engaging campus community and strong collegiate environment.
  • Involved in outreach activities or campus activities which contribute to campus life and student/staff engagement.
  • Assist in other teaching duties as assigned.

Practicum and Internship Coordinator Responsibilities:

  • Assist in practicum and internship faculty scheduling, training, and interviews.
  • Assist with providing practicum and internship site supervisor trainings and updates regarding procedural changes.
  • Address concerns regarding practicum and internship received from site supervisors and practicum/internship faculty supervisors, etc.
  • Act as the primary contact for all student/intern issues related to practicum/internship and assists with the resolution or remediation of student issues. Ensure that students receive a response within a reasonable period.
  • Assist in training and development of Practicum and Internship Evaluators (PIE’s).
  • Responsible for maintaining partnerships and communication with the Office of Field Experience (OFE), Faculty Training and Development (FT&D), Faculty Services (FS), and other GCE related support services.
  • Maintain partnerships and communication with local and national behavioral health organizations.
  • Serve on the counseling practicum and internship committee.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Academic Research Responsibilities/Reporting Support Services Related to Practicum and Internship:

  • Collaborate with the accreditation liaison to review and analyzes data from evaluations and surveys specific to practicum and internship.
  • Assist faculty and college/university administration with creating improvement plans to enhance student learning/performance.
  • Develop report format and presentation format as required to present data for decision making.
  • Participate in academic committee meetings as appropriate.
  • Recommend and execute improvements for academic internal processes within college.

Other duties as assigned.


  • Doctorate in counseling or related field.
  • Hold an independent license in counseling.
  • Minimum two years relevant work experience in a mental health.
  • Minimum two years of experience as a clinical supervisor and/or relevant work experience in higher education preferred.
  • Must pass background investigation.
  • Provide a positive example to students by supporting the University’s Doctrinal Statement, Ethical Position Statement and Mission of Grand Canyon University.

How to apply

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