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Job description

Essential Function

The Associate Dean of Nursing provides overall leadership for day to day operation and all instructional activities associate with the Associate Degree Nursing, Practical Nursing, and Nursing Assistant Programs. Particular emphasis is place upon development, implementation, and evaluation of programs to ensure compliance with state regulatory and accreditation agencies as well as the preparation of students for state certification and licensure as required for entry-level and career mobility.


Education: Master’s degree with a major in Nursing.Licensure: Licensed as a Registered Nurse in the State of Illinois.

Experience Minimum of two years of teaching and/or administrative experience in the field of Nursing Administration and/or Nursing Education.Knowledge: Proven expertise in Nursing education and administration. Proven knowledge of programmatic and regional accreditation processes.

Skills: Effective verbal and written communication skills. Displays strong self- management; shows consistent, logical, and orderly thinking; appreciation of diversity and promotion of multi-cultural awareness and demonstrated ability to lead.

1. Plans, organizes, directs, coordinates and efficiently administers all aspects of the Nursing Programs to assure the attainment of established programmatic outcomes and long-ranged goals.

2. Assists the Dean in the supervision and direction of the faculty and staff of the Nursing Programs to meet program goals and objectives.

3. Guides faculty and complies with College policy in all aspects of the development of curriculum, and assessment of program and course level learning outcomes

4. In cooperation with faculty, clinical representatives and the Coordinator of the Health Learning Resource Center develops a schedule of classes, College laboratories, and clinical experiences to ensure optimum learning as prescribed in approved curricula.

5. Cooperates with regulatory and accrediting agencies such as the Department of Professional Regulation, Department of Public Health, Illinois Board of Higher Education, the Illinois Community College Board, and National League for Nursing in complying with status and requirements for curriculum, faculty, and students.

6. Carries out operational responsibilities such as preparation, recommendation and administration of the program budget(s); oversees the ordering of educational supplies and equipment, and evaluates space utilization.

7. Interprets the policies, goals, decisions and expectations of the Dean and College Administration to the faculty; and likewise promotes clarity of such program information with the Dean and College Administration.

8. Directs the selection and admission of students in alignment with program and College policy.

9. Fosters the development, retention and morale of department personnel; and maintains effective channels of communication with superiors and subordinates.

10. Establishes and maintains relationships with cooperating agencies and upholds affiliation agreements. Determines the placement of students for clinical experiences in each cooperating agency in relation to educational objectives and available clinical resources, and in accordance with all applicable policies in each agency.

11. Recommends members for the Nursing Advisory Committee(s) and, meets with them regularly.

12. Participates actively in appropriate administrative meetings and institutional and divisional committees, representing the needs of the Nursing Programs.

13. Participates actively as a member of the Illinois Council of Directors of Associate Degree Nursing and Practical Nursing Programs and other organizations as appropriate.

14. Participates on committees and councils as directed.

15. Recruits, interviews with the committee and recommends new faculty candidates to the Dean.

16. Provides orientation, academic direction, evaluates and recommends, re-employment of part-time instructors.

17. Evaluate instructors within the department, tenured and nontenured, for improvement of instruction. Recommends the granting of tenure for instructors. (In the context used above, “evaluates” is intended to mean classroom visitation for the sole purpose of subject matter competence.

18. Establishes assignments for faculty and adjunct faculty of Nursing.

19. Schedules and conducts regular and special departmental meetings, and fosters professional development as necessary, to meet program goals.

20. Promotes the planning and development of improved instruction.

21. Guides faculty in annual evaluation and preparation of philosophy and objectives, course outlines, syllabi, module packages, selection of textbooks, reference holdings, audio-visual, and computer ware.

22. Annually reviews the resources and strengths of each cooperating agency and evaluates feasibility for meeting learning objectives and explores new opportunities for other agency clinical experiences.

23. Reviews all components of the Nursing Programs for compliance with the approval and accreditation criteria.

24. Performs other appropriate duties as assigned or delegated.

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