Lecturer/Senior Lecturer – Screen Arts – Four Positions



Job description

Wellington, New Zealand
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Position Overview

Te Rewa o Puanga was established to respond to New Zealand’s growth and internationally recognised reputation for innovation and creativity in both screen arts and music. Staffed by internationally acclaimed and award-winning practitioners and equipped with state-of-the-art facilities.

We are actively recruiting for multiple academics and/or industry specialists with a vision for screen arts tertiary education who can broaden our students’ creative outlook and engage them with new and diverse perspectives. These Lecturer/Senior Lecturer positions will support our diverse student cohorts who are seeking to make sustainable careers for themselves with teaching to begin in 2023.

Areas of opportunity

  • Lecturer/Senior Lecturer, Programme Lead, Screen Arts
  • Lecturer/Senior Lecturer, Factual Screen Production
  • Lecturer/Senior Lecturer, Professional Cultures Screen Arts
  • Lecturer/Senior Lecturer, Game Production

To be successful in appointment you will need to be connected with the screen arts industry to ensure relevance to the programme, student professional practice, and to create partnerships and collaboration with the wider screen community. You will have in-depth knowledge in and teach into the major/specialist areas advertised as well as contribute to the development and delivery of courses more broadly across the Bachelor of Screen Arts with Honours.

Ko Wai Mātou?

We have one of the largest and most high-tech studio complexes in the region with approval for further growth. We offer internationally acclaimed degrees, and we are known for being outstanding. Our study programmes work across discipline areas, are collaborative and encourage and support staff to be active in their own research and practice.

The School also offers both a Bachelor and an Honours programme for Commercial Music, as well as a Master of Creative Enterprise (MCE). The MCE is designed for students who are looking to apply professional strategies intrinsic to creative disciplines to develop and commercialise their practice. The Bachelor of Screen Arts with Honours is an evolution of the highly successful Bachelor of Creative Media Production.

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These opportunities do not present often – when you apply, please let us know your area of specialty (or specialities) when requested.

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JD Programme Lead, Screen Arts, Lecturer/Senior Lecturer, Screen Arts

JD Lecturer/Senior Lecturer, Professional Cultures Screen Arts

JD Lecturer/Senior Lecturer, Game Production

JD Lecturer/Senior Lecturer, Factual Screen ProductionOpens in new window

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